Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has said that merit, justice and competence are mentioned at the governmental and social level and in every forum but unfortunately it is not implemented. We cannot make right decisions at the political level due to expediency. And while making big decisions in the province, political affiliations, nationality and personal ties are given priority which harms the institutions and talented people cannot come to the fore, he said. Addressing the closing ceremony which was organized by the Provincial Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, Provincial Ministers Mir Zia Lango, Sardar Noor Mohammad Damdar, Mir Saleem Khosa, Parliamentary Secretary Mah Jabeen Sheeran and Mubeen Khilji were also present on the occasion. A large number of young players from India attended the function. In his address, the Chief Minister, referring to the merits and qualifications in the field of sports, said that it was the responsibility of the management and the government to bring out the best players as individuals and teamwork. Responsibility, if the team is not selected on merit, when “It is a time of competition. If there is merit, there will be progress and the whole society will be successful. The time has come for us to make decisions that will make the society, the races and the country,” he said. Even the smallest decision is the best choice but when it comes to collective decisions, they fall prey to vested interests. This trend has to be changed. The Chief Minister said that a large part of our society consists of youth . Activities that are essential for mental and physical development are non-existent. In the past, the sports sector and the provision of healthy activities to the youth were completely neglected. However, the present provincial government will focus on sports and youth issues in the next three years. 15 to 20 billion which will be a national record. This initiative is not for our popularity but for necessity. Sports and cultural complexes are being constructed in every district, seven mini sports complexes and futsal stadium in Quetta are in the process of completion. I am one of them, not only young but also children, women and the elderly The Chief Minister said that the sports sector has become a science in which facilities as well as training are important, training academies will be set up to nurture the talent of our youth and the services of experts will be sought. The Chief Minister directed the Sports Department to launch Talent Hunt Program across the province and organize more sports activities. The Chief Minister said that along with popular sports, patronage of such local sports would also be given. He said that the provincial government will always continue its full cooperation with the sports department for the development of sports and youth. The Chief Minister directed the provincial sports advisor Abdul Khaliq for the development and promotion of sports in the province. Hazara, Secretary Sports Imran Gachki and other officers of the department appreciated the performance of the officials. Provincial Sports Advisor Abdul Khaliq Hazara also addressed the function and said that according to the vision of the Chief Minister of Balochistan, sports should be promoted in the province. Provide opportunities He said that every talented player would be given full encouragement so that these players could shine the name of the country and the province. Earlier, the Chief Minister distributed prizes among the winning teams and players.