A high level meeting chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan reviewed the issues related to covid-19, spread of the virus and its effects and directed the Institute of Public Health to prepare code 19 treatment and protocol at primary and secondary level.  The meeting was attended by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr. Rababa Buledi, Additional Chief Secretary Home, IG police Secretary Health, Secretary Finance, Secretary Sports and Incharge BCOC, Additional IG Police, DG Health, DG Food, DG Agriculture, D G public relations and experts from the Department of Public Public Health, among others. The medical experts who participated in the meeting briefed about the behavior, spread and effects of Corona virus in the light of research.  The three months, especially September 2020, can be very sensitive to the spread and effects of the virus. The attitude and effects of the virus spreading locally in Balochistan are different from other provinces. The proportion of people infected with the virus is high in Balochistan.  The situation is better and the death toll is lower than ever before  According to the research, people have to live with the corona virus, but with precautionary measures, its spread and effects can be reduced, the health secretary said in briefing given to the meeting that Fatima Jinnah Hospital laboratory the testing capacity is up to 1500 daily, 50 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital and 24 at BMC Hospital. So far, 72598 people have been screened and 31117 people tested in the province out of which 6516 people tested positive, the number of active cases is 4149 while the number of deaths  are 54 There are 29919 VTMs and 21037 extraction kits available in the province which is enough for the next 21 days. NDMA has provided 10 more ventilators and 10 X-ray machines, the health secretary told the meeting.  Funds are being procured for ICU beds and other necessary medical equipment while early testing will also be started in Khuzdar, Zhob and Turbat, RBC in-charge Dr Farooq Ahmed while briefing the meeting said that plasma in Regional Blood Center  Acquired and using it corona infected patients treatment   The Regional Blood Center of Balochistan is the first and only center among the nine blood centers in the country where the plasma of those who have recovered from the corona virus is being obtained. While reviewing Lockdown and transport in the meeting the  Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and SSPs were directed to take effective action against the violators of lockdown and transport SOPs while ensuring implementation .Finance Secretary Noorul Haq Baloch Informing about the details of the interest free loan program of the provincial government, he said that 3366 applications were received for the loan out of which 2459 were approved and so far 1617 people have been given Rs3 core 22 lacs 45 thousands. In-charge Balochistan Command and Operations Center Imran Gachki briefed the meeting about the availability of wheat, sugar and pulses in the province, ongoing wheat procurement process, locust heart condition in the province and ongoing measures to eradicate it, malaria and dengue.  Informed about the details of other measures including spray for the prevention of malaria.  He also presented suggestions and recommendations prepared by the Center to curb the spread of Corona virus, limited opening of OPDs in government hospitals in the province, holding of medical camps and prevention of Corona virus.  It was also decided to launch a full-fledged awareness campaign to improve the immune system.  Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that in order to improve the primary health care system in the context of Corona virus, the development of the health sector would be given priority in the budget for the next financial year.  Weaknesses have emerged that will be fixed, the corona virus has to be dealt with, but it is now up to the public to decide how well they protect themselves with precautionary measures. If the public is careful, the effects of the virus will be moderate.  But in case of carelessness, the effects can be severe which may require hospitalization, oxygen and ventilator, the Chief Minister directed the Health Department to launch an online certification program in the healthcare sector.  The Chief Minister directed the MSD to expedite the procurement process of medicines and said that all the requirements of the Regional Blood Center would be met immediately. The Chief Minister said that hygiene and food due to Corona virus.  Awareness has been raised about the improvement in the quality of drinking, which is a positive thing and even if it is fifty percent more  When it comes back, it will be much better for human health and a positive change in society as a whole, he said, adding that some problems are often not very big but problems are exacerbated by delays in decisions and slow institutions.  He said that if timely decisions are not taken then the question of governance and performance arises. Therefore, all departments should not allow delay in decision making and implementation. Prayers for forgiveness for those who died of corona virus in the meeting were also offered.