Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has directed the Environment Department to enact legislation to make it mandatory to obtain NOC in major construction projects in the private and public sectors. The move is aimed at ensuring environmental protection. Appointment of Technical Representative of Environment Department as Permanent Member in DSC and PDWP forums for approval of projects in Planning and Development Department and candidates with relevant degree and expertise for technical and other vacancies of Environment Department. The Chief Minister was presiding over a review meeting of the Departmental Affairs of the Department of Environment and Environmental Protection. Secretary Information Shah Irfan Gharshin and Special Secretary Finance Lal Jan Jaffer also attended the meeting while Secretary Environment and Environmental Protection Abdul Sabur Kakar briefed the meeting on departmental affairs and proposed reforms. The Chief Minister said that rapid climate change posed a serious threat to the environment and the use of modern technology and reforms in the field of environment was needed to deal effectively with the environmental challenges. The Chief Minister said that in the coming days The role and importance of the environment department will be further enhanced and it will emerge as a regulatory body, so there is ample scope for expertise in this department, he said. Revolutionary development is expected in the construction sector while the government of Balochistan is also implementing development projects in coastal and other areas. A comprehensive policy needs to be formulated to regulate this development process and make it environmentally friendly. Significant decisions were also taken in this regard by reviewing the functioning of the Balochistan Board for Sustainable Development Fund, the role of the Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency and the service rules of the department.