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Minister Local Government & Rural Development Department

Minister Local Government & Rural Development Department

Hon’ble Serdar Muhammad Saleh  Bhootani

Secretary Local Government & Rural Development Department

Secretary Local Government & Rural Development Department

Mr. Dostain Khan Jamaldini

About Department

Local Government & Rural Development Department created in 1974 and Department focuses on service delivery at micro level through union councils, municipal committees, district councils and metropolitan corporations.


Strengthening of local services and delivery of services flawlessly to the masses.



The domain of Local Government encompasses virtually every problem and affairs that a common man experiences in his day to day life. From birth to death, from water supply, sanitation and education to marriage, disposal of refuse, roads, town planning etc.

For the sake of brevity, suffice to say that most of utilities and services necessary for life in a civilized society are furnished by Local Government.

Departmental Functions

  • Administrative Support / HRM / HRD to Local Councils (Metropolitan Corporation, Municipal Committees, District Councils and Union Councils);
  • Service matters of Local Councils Service and employees of Local Councils Service;
  • Fiscal Support to Local Councils through Local Councils Grants Committee;
  • Monitoring of the Local Councils;
  • Supervision and coordination of Local Government Reforms;
  • Coordination and monitoring of Federal, Provincial and Foreign aided projects of Local Councils;
  • Capacity building of Local Council elected representatives and functionaries of Local Councils through Provincial / Federal Training Institutions;
  • Rules, by-laws and policies under the Balochistan Local Government Act, 2010 and amendments therein;
  • Liaison with Provincial government departments and local governments;
  • Coordination in the matters relating to audit and accounts of Local Councils / Secretarial Support for Local Councils Accounts Committee;
  • Judicial power for Councils / Local Governments and Muslim family laws;
  • Matters relating to Katchi Abadies;
  • Matter relating to writ petitions, civil suits instituted against Local Councils;
  • Budget of Local Councils;
  • Imposition of Taxation by Local Councils;
  • Assistance to Federal Government for census;
  • Functions relating to Balochistan Local Council Election Cell and Coordination with Election;
  • Commission of Pakistan in matters relating to National / Provincial assemblies and Local Councils elections;
  • Spatial planning and Housing;
  • Coordinating National / Provincial Fairs & Exhibitions;
  • Conduct of elected members;
  • Assistance in improvement of the municipal services;
  • Building Control.


Attach Departments


  • Director General Local Government and Rural Development (Office Address Western Bye Pass near Jabal e Noor)
  • Director General Balochistan Rural Development Academy (Office Address Western Bye Pass near Jabal e Noor);
  • Secretary Balochistan Local Government Board (Civil Secretariat Block No.14);
  • Secretary Balochistan Local Councils Election Cell (Civil Secretariat Block No.14).





Strengthening of local services and delivery of services flawlessly to the masses.

Services for General Public

This Department deals with day to day affairs of public starting from sanitation to execution of development projects.

First Meeting of LCFC Chaired by Senior Minister for Local Government Department

Press Briefing during the visit of Sibi District

Inaugural Meeting of Local Government Development Sector Plan Chaired by Secretary Local Government.

Secretary LGRD durring the visit of Zhob Adda

Designation Address Telephone No.
Director General 081-9202564
Director Planning & Development 081-9202904
Planning & Development Section 081-9201318

5 Days Training of Trainers of BRACE Districts for Training of Local Council Members on Balochistan Local Government Act 2010 & (Amendment Act 2022)