An important meeting chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan reviewed the proposed three-year program of the Health Department to deal with epidemics and approved the program in principle along with directed the preparation of PC-1. Special Assistant Health Ms. Rubaba Buledai, Secretary Health, Secretary Finance and other concerned officials attended the meeting.

Briefing the meeting regarding the program, Health Secretary Dosteen Jamaldini informed that in the context of COD-19, the Health Sector Development, Preparation and Response and elaborated that Program will be initiated from June 2020 to June 2023 at an eight-component three-year program. Expressing more Secretary Health said that, The estimated cost of the project is Rs 13.33 billion, Moreover the program will be implemented in partnership with the federal government and donors.

Adding more Jamaldini said that Balochistan was the first province to develop a strategy to deal effectively with the epidemic after the corona virus. He gave details of the program and said that the program included the establishment of Institute of Vaccine Development. In large the program addresses the health challenges and problems posed by epidemics as well as natural disasters, as well as modernizing medical laboratories , Preparation of epidemic vaccines, Development of human resources in the field of medicine in Quetta and Divisional Headquarters Hospitals added by Secretary Health.

The meeting also reviewed the establishment of a new hospital for the treatment and research of epidemic diseases. The Health Secretary informed the meeting that the number of people recovering from the corona virus has increased.

Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the corona virus has also damaged the concept and process of globalization and has alienated nations from each other. Dealing with epidemics and diseases With today’s discovery, every nation is now focused on research and we have to reduce our dependence on other nations and move towards medical research.

The Chief Minister said that cognitive approach should be adopted with major private sector medical institutions and such approach should be encouraged. He said that the Corona virus has highlighted the need for more investment and research in the health sector as the Corona virus has shaken the world’s health system and socio-economic needs.

The Chief Minister directed to include the proposed health program in the development program for the next financial year as the common man has become sensitive in terms of health and precautions.