A high level meeting chaired by the Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan has decided to review the affairs of Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company and Balochistan Mineral Resources Company Limited.companies set up for the exploration and development of mineral resources in the province. The rules of these companies will also include clauses under which these companies will have legal protection to obtain mining leases and develop mining projects under public-private partnership, Secretary Minerals and Mineral Development Zafar Bukhari told the meeting about the affairs  related to BMEC and BMRL.addressing the meeting the chief minister has said that the purpose of establishing companies in the mineral sector is to explore and develop the precious mineral resources of Balochistan, protect and utilize them for the economic stability of the province. He said that a comprehensive strategy in the mineral sector should be adopted and effective policies  need to be made.We have to emulate them so that we can make full use of our mineral resources which have immense potential. He further said that the countries with mineral deposits have developed through better policies and by using of modern technology. The Chief Minister gave directions that Innovating the terms of reference of BMEC and BMRL to include clauses by which these companies can independently participate in mineral exploration and development projects. The Chief Minister also directed that the expert from mining sector be included  in the Board of Directors of the companies. The Chief Minister said that better results could be achieved by shifting other resource-rich sectors of the province to company mode. Earlier, the Secretary Minerals informed the meeting that BMRC has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan while the board of directors of the company is being formed which will also include experts from the mining sector. Ninety percent share in the company belongs to the government of Balochistan while 10 percent share belongs to the federal government. An agreement has been signed between the federal and provincial governments in this regard The company will be provided Rs 3.2 billion in the first two years. The Government of Balochistan has allocated Rs. 1.44 crore for the current financial year. Referring to the ongoing and new projects of the department, he said that mine resource mapping at a cost of Rs. 100 million and capacity building of the officers of the department at a cost of Rs. 300 million. installation of  digital weighing machines  in different areas at a cost of Rs. 70 million, computerization of royalty collection system at a cost of Rs. 150 million. Establishment of a mineral complex at a cost of Rs. 500 million, mining resource in Dukki at a cost of Rs. 10 million and establishment  of a metal park by the federal Govt at a cost of Rs. 300 million included in development programme He further informed about the projects of beneficiation   plants would be set up in different areas for value addition of raw minerals. The Chief Minister directed for the use of modern technology for exploration and development of mineral deposits and the cooperation and certification of international firms in the survey process, including the Mining Management Information System. He also directed immediate release of funds earmarked for modern equipment procurement projects and directed for holding mineral shows and seminars to highlight the potential of the province’s mineral resources.