During a meeting between Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan and provincial ministers and members of the Provincial Assembly here on Tuesday, important issues such as legislation and constitutional and political issues were discussed in detail. The meeting expressed satisfaction over the current situation. The government has enacted record legislation on various important provincial issues and in the last two years, after the approval of draft legislation by the Cabinet, 36 bills have been passed by the Provincial Assembly which are in force. The meeting agreed that the coalition government under the leadership of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan is taking all measures that are in the wider interest of the province and protection of the rights and resources of Balochistan. The first priority of the government is to make extensive changes to the old laws as well as new laws and further legislation will continue as required, which is the primary and primary responsibility of Parliament. Provincial Ministers Mir Asad Baloch, Sardar Noor Mohammad Dam Mir Zahoor Baledi, Mir Arif Jan Muhammad Hasani, Mir Saleem Khosa, Nawabzada Tariq Magsi, Matha Khan Kakar, Parliamentary Secretary Sardar Masood Loni, Abdul Rashid Baloch, Dhanish Kumar, Members of Provincial Assembly Mir Gahram Bugti and Abdul Qadir Nail were present.