Balochistan is very proud to develop a beef breed, “BALOCHISTAN NARI MASTER”, a crossbred of Australian Drought Master and Indigenous “BAGHNARI”.
The department is on initial stages to analyze this breed scientifically and evolving the ways to expand it. The live weight of Narimaster bull is about 1000 Kg. This calls for the propagation of breed on scientific lines (Embryo transfer technology) and development of meat packaging industry including modern slaughterhouse.

            In Balochistan some of the zones like Khuzdar, Kalat, Nushki, Jaffarabad Musakhail and Zhob have got tremendous potential for establishment of Ostrich Farming. In addition, Ostrich breeding centers and export processing units have got potential to maximize foreign exchange through export of Ostrich meat & other products etc. It will also promote Foreign Investment in Non-Conventional Areas. This will definitely lead to poverty alleviation through creation of new Job opportunities. It will also serve as international market for most of the Muslim Countries of Middle East, Central Europe, i.e. France, Germany, Netherlands, U.K, Belgium, Switzerland and Scandinavian Countries. In international market its meat price is about 11-12 US dollar per Kg. Rate of hide is 10 US Dollar Per Sft. (Used in shoe making, ladies purse, watch strips, belts, etc).

            Dairy animals, though are in low numbers but are meeting the basic requirements of people of the province. The buffalos are confined mostly in canal-irrigated districts of the province while the indigenous cattle have low potential both in terms of milk and meat. Again this department has a success story in the acclimatization of pure breed Friesian and establishment of Friesian crossbred animals by employing the artificial insemination techniques.

            Accordingly, if sheep/goat and beef industry is established in the province there are very good chances that by-product processing industry will also flourishes providing jobs and generating economic activities. The byproducts of food animals include wool, skin and hides. This will further pave the way to establish the feed industry.