A high level meeting chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan on Wednesday reviewed the performance of the energy department, development of alternative energy sources in the province and promotion of investment in the sector.  It was decided to formulate a comprehensive policy in this regard. The meeting also decided to immediately activate Balochistan Energy Company Limited and Balochistan Power Development Board for which necessary steps were directed to the Energy Department.  Shehryar Taj briefed the meeting on relevant issues. Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Mubeen Khan Khilji, Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development Abdul Rehman Bazdar, Special Secretary Finance Lal Jan Jaffer and other concerned officials were present in the meeting.  The Chief Minister said that like other sectors, there is ample scope for development and investment in the energy sector in Balochistan. Allah Almighty has also blessed Balochistan with alternative sources of energy which cannot be developed and utilized.  Not only Balochistan but also the energy needs of the country can be met and the resources of the province can be increased. The Chief Minister directed that all departments should clarify their investment policies so that investors can be guided and departments should invest in their investors.  Highlight the policy and guidelines through your website. The Chief Minister directed the Planning and Development Department to hire a consultant and review the investment policies of all the departments and prepare a report in the light of which the necessary policies are required.  Amendments and legislation will be made. He also directed the Department of Energy to formulate a comprehensive policy on utilizing alternative energy sources and invest in this sector and seek the services of law firms for legal advice.  He also directed to make recommendations for launching small scale power projects under Roshan Balochistan program and handing them over to Casco so that the energy generated from power projects can be used for street lights and water supply tube wells.  can go,  The Chief Minister Balochistan said that the establishment of Balochistan Electric Company Limited is an important development which will work on hydrocarbon (oil and gas) exploration and development projects for which the services of experts in this field will be sought.  Under the Roshan Balochistan program, power supply projects will be set up at a specific location in off-grid areas, which will benefit the population of the area jointly, while Medical Emergency Response Centers will also be provided electricity through alternative sources of energy.  Solar geysers will be provided in mosques and public places in cold regions. The meeting was informed that 56 schemes of Energy Department included in Provincial PSDP 2019-20 will be provided by Casco while two schemes will be provided by K-Electric.  Implementing the program, the program includes ten solar energy projects which will benefit 6.75 lakh population of 1890 villages, 80% of the projects will be completed by December 2020 while the rest will be completed by June 2021.  New grid station for University of Quetta  Construction projects will also be completed soon. The meeting was informed that PSDP has allocated Rs. 1642 million for 67 new projects in the energy sector in 2020-21. In this financial year, 46 out of 49 schemes of Casco have been completed.  One scheme and 17 schemes of Solar will be completed while four schemes of Casco and 8 schemes of Solar will be completed in the ongoing schemes. The meeting was informed about the significant achievements related to development projects that 58 schemes of DSE and PDWP.  6 schemes have been approved while Nokandi, Wind Corridor to be connected to the national grid, Quetta Street Lights Study, BECLHR policy, utilization of 100% funds, prevention of lapses of funds, 20% grid sharing park and 2013 stalled.  A feasibility study has been carried out for the completion of development schemes of Pade Casco. Giving a briefing on Balochistan Power Development Board in the meeting, it was informed that BPDP including expert services, legal framework, financial assistance for the concerned board.  The draft act has been submitted, in addition to renewable energy 2020-2  The C-Pack includes the provision of solar energy in 10,000 homes for special persons and installation of 500 MW wind plants for special persons in the year. The briefing said that land acquisition for energy parks projects in the province is underway.  5000 acres in Sibi, 10,000 acres for Wind Energy Park in Nokandi, 2000 acres for Qila Saifullah Solar Energy Park and one thousand acres for Solar Energy Park in Mastung, Pishin, Khuzdar, Loralai, Panjgur and Lasbela.  Regarding the stability of the company, the Secretary Energy informed that the services of the Director of DGPC have been hired. Interviews for the post of CEO of Balochistan Energy Company Limited will be held on the 24th of this month, legal experts said.  Consultations are underway with the Law Department for the procurement of services, approval has been given for setting up of Oil and Gas Directorate, services of energy experts have been procured with the help of EU project while camp office of the department has been set up in Islamabad.  The meeting is being held on issues related to the federal government and Casco in the energy sector  A briefing was also given on the issues and it was decided that assistance would be sought from the federal government for strengthening the power supply infrastructure in the province while government departments and agricultural tube wells would be able to address the issue of over-billing with Casco.