A high-level meeting chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan reviewed issues related to efficiency and capacity building of Anti-Corruption Agency Balochistan. In this regard, Secretary S&GD and Director General Anti-Corruption Establishment Balochistan Approved some of the recommendations made by the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister directed the Secretary S & GAD to send the recommendations as a summary. Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Zahid Saleem, Secretary Information Shah Irfan Gharshin and Director Anti-Corruption Ayaz Baloch was also present in the meeting. Secretary S & GAD also briefed the meeting about the rules, scope and competencies of the organization besides the provisions of Anti-Corruption Act and Legal Framework.  The meeting also agreed on the need to transform the institution into an independent and competent body by enhancing its performance and efficiency. For this, it was decided to make necessary amendments in the Provincial Anti-Corruption Act, 2010.  Agreeing with the formation of the PACS team, the Director General of Anti-Corruption Agency was directed to prepare recommendations in this regard with the assistance of Communications Department and other technical departments which will be presented at the meeting of the Provincial Cabinet.  It was also decided to prepare recommendations for the proposed changes in the structure. The meeting agreed that in order to prevent corruption, it is essential to balance the institutions at the provincial level and determine their boundaries.  The Director General was directed to prepare recommendations in consultation with the Law Department. The meeting directed the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to convene a monthly meeting of the Anti-Corruption Review Committee at the divisional and district levels and submit a report.  Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that changes and improvements were needed in the existing laws and regulations to improve the performance of the institutions set up to eradicate corruption. He said that such an environment needs to be created in the departments and institutions.  Within which the officers appointed by themselves Carry out their responsibilities and be well aware of what they are responsible for, what their duties are and whether they are performing their duties properly, the Chief Minister said.  Work is important, the secretaries of provincial departments have to pay close attention to this, he said, adding that in the past the departments were limited due to lack of resources and facilities but the present government has to deal effectively with the present needs and challenges.  It is taking steps to increase the capacity of departments by providing resources and facilities to them.