A high level meeting chaired by Chief Minister Balochistan Jamal Kamal Khan was reviewed in the context of Corona virus in the hospitals and facilities of Quetta hospitals. Provincial minister Mr. Zamarak Khan Achakzai chief secretary Mr. Fazeel Asgher provincial  Secretaries DG PDMA and senior doctors also attended the meeting, while the approval of the upgrading of the oxygen plant of Fatima Jinnah Chest and General Hospital was approved and also directed authorities to fully activation of Sheikh Zayed Hospital Civil Hospital and BMC Hospital gas plants  while Fatima Jinnah hospital Accelerated measures to increase the number of ICU beds in hospital  and the release of required funds were approved, the Secretary Health, informed the meeting that a further PCR machine and test kits for corona virus testing would be  enhanced he also informed the meeting that Technicians returning from Islamabad after completing laboratory test training have been posted to Fatima Jinnah Hospital’s laboratory and completed testing of 5000 random tests in Quetta within two days. He further informed that the Department of Health is going to meet the virus under emergency 80% purchase of medical equipment has been completed under PDMA. Secretary Food informed the meeting that from the available wheat stocks, the wheat will be started to supply the soon while arrangements have been made to purchase ten lac bags of wheat from the new crop.

Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that corona virus has exposed the weaknesses of the health system and hospitals. No mechanism has been established in the province which could be responsible for the malfunction. For the oxygen plants for hospitals Rs 500 million has been released in the past, but the work has not been done properly.

He said that instead of firefighting, policies need to be made on a regular basis, and to prepare for the challenges, there has to be a tendency to prepare in advance. He said that strategies were not developed which could be effective in dealing with the emergency. He said that if good decisions were not implemented in a timely manner, their usefulness would not remain in this regard. Chief Minister directs to prepare balance and approval decision implementation mechanism He said that the emergency phase of Corona virus has passed. Now the timely decisions are of importance in the current situation. He said that the spread of Corona virus at the local level is a matter of concern. Assignments are now given accordingly. Success or failure in tackling the virus challenge will be a combination of political leadership and bureaucracy. The Chief Minister said that the government is responsible and responsible for every action we take. He directed that the relevant departments are in the process of preparing and implementing development projects Keep coordination with communication department so that there is no confusion in the preparation and execution of the projects.