Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan visited CTD Punjab Headquarters Lahore on Monday. DIG CTD Jawwad Qamar gave a briefing on the structure and functions of CTD.

He was briefed that Punjab had been cleared from local terrorist organizations. There has been no sectarian terrorism incident in Punjab in the last four years. 2020 has remained a suicide bombing-free year in Punjab after 13 years. There have 14 times decrease in terrorism incidents in 2020 compared with 2014. 65 percent of terrorists have been convicted by Anti Terrorism Courts. He informed that hate Speech has been curbed by blocking forty thousand social media sites and pages through PTA. Punjab is now a safer place for its people.

The CM appreciated the achievements of CTD Punjab in controlling terrorism and sectarianism in Punjab. He resolved to strengthen CTD Balochistan on lines of CTD Punjab.

CTD Punjab offered to share information with CTD Balochistan regarding terrorist organizations working in Balochistan. The CM appreciated the gesture and said that such cooperation will be crucial in making Balochistan a safer place for the people of Balochistan.

CTD Punjab will impart training to officers of Balochistan in counter-terrorism techniques and methods. Technical assistance will also be provided.