Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has paid tributes to doctors, medical personnel, security personnel, cleaning personnel and all concerned medical and non-medical personnel working on the front line during the corona virus.  Expressing sympathy and solidarity with the families of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, the Chief Minister expressed his gratitude and determination at Fatima Jinnah Hospital after 100 days of dealing with the Corona virus.  Addressing a function organized by the Corona Virus on duty, doctors, medical staff and secretaries of relevant departments were also present. The Chief Minister said that at the onset of the Corona virus epidemic, it was almost unknown.  The government of Balochistan was the first to take steps to combat the epidemic and prevent its spread, and doctors and health workers began providing services.  And using all the resources from Taftan to the present day  We did not spare any effort to ensure effective measures, the Chief Minister said, adding that initially there was a lot of fear but our doctors and medical staff worked fearlessly in this climate of fear and suffered and were martyred.  Despite this, his passion and determination remained strong. The Chief Minister said that he regrets that when people sit on TV programs and talk about health facilities in Balochistan, Balochistan is a backward province whose health  The system cannot compete with the health systems of other provinces, Balochistan does not have adequate healthcare facilities in the private sector and all measures regarding corona virus were taken in government doctors, medical staff and hospitals while in other provinces private health institutions  Reduced the pressure on governments, so our government hospitals, doctors and medical staff deserve praise, the Chief Minister said, adding that it is easy to stand on the stage and say in speeches and statements that front line workers are doing commendable work.  But the real feelings and the risk factor are also for the medical staff, even in adverse conditions  Working diligently and diligently, the Chief Minister said that socio-economic changes have taken place since Code-19, business and employment have been affected, people’s living conditions and social relations have also changed, how much more will change?  There are questions in this regard to which no one has an answer today but in the near future the situation will become clear and more challenges to come will be known, the Chief Minister said that the biggest challenge came in the health sector.  For which the provincial government has already started preparations, by investing more in this sector, the funds have been increased by 40%, Rs. 8 billion has been allocated for corona virus and the federal government will also provide funds.  He said that without investment in any sector, it would not be possible to meet the expectations. He said that their needs have to be met by reviewing their needs. The Chief Minister said that a comprehensive development program has been formulated for every health institution.  Various packages have been allocated, the Chief Minister said, adding that those who do good work will be encouraged and those who work will be encouraged.  He said that as a nation and as a citizen of Balochistan, we all have to take a serious attitude and as a responsible citizen we have to support the government measures so that we can successfully overcome such challenges.  The Chief Minister said that Health Secretary Dosteen Jamaldini has improved health issues and further investment will enhance the improvement. The Chief Minister said that it was gratifying that the entire nation was united in tackling the epidemic.  We are sure that we will get rid of this epidemic situation very.